Control your small business cashflow like never before.

Everything you need to manage business finances yourself, in the palm of your hand, 24/7.

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The Imaginarium...
Just imagine a banking app for you, because it's designed by you..

Everythin in one place - Mambo safley aggregates all your financial accounts. You can then store, manage and share your financial information in a safe and secure way.

Allows you to see into the future - Intelligent spending and income prediction using past behaviour provides you with actionable insight into your future cashflow.

Izzy, the brain of Mambo - powered by intelligent predictive algorithms that generate immediate suggestions to help you save money, take advantage of spending-related offers and identify opportunities to better manage your money so you can realise your goals.

Automatic recieipt capture - You can take photos of your receipts and we autimatically extract the key information, reconcile it to an expense and store the receipt against the appropriate  transaction ready to send to your accountant.

Take real time action - We make it simple for you to access working capital lending and other services provided by partners on the Mambo Marketplace.

Easy to understand - We display historical and realtime transactions of linked accounts and retrieve your balance for each account. Combined with powerful tools to visualise trends we make it easy for you to understand your finances..

Know where you stand - We calculates the total amount of money you have and owe across all accounts, so you can be confident investing in yourself and your business.

Alerts & Notification - We will let you know the minute something happes, keeping you informed on all aspects of your  financial health and alerting you when invoices are paid or overdue. Warning you when you are spending more than your budget, when you have upcoming bills to pay or when we see an unusual transaction on one of your accounts.

Budgets that make sense - You can set budgets based on historical amounts and can compare actual spend and income against your budgets to help ensure you remain on track.

Beyond budgeting - You can establish saving goals, no matter how big or small they might be. Visual prompts and alerts keep the you up-to-date on your progress and motivated to achieve their goals.

Manage accounts - We provide quick and secure funds transfer in the UK through "Faster Payments", so you can paybills or transfer money between accounts.

We'd love to hear what you think and any ideas for a feature you'd want to see. Please get in touch today.
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